Class (2) drug) through rack S (120 tablets) / through rack


This drug is a designated second-class drug.
Serious side effects may occur in children, the elderly, and other people with contraindications.
For details, please consult a pharmacist or a registered salesperson.

[Expiration date of pharmaceuticals]
We sell products with an expiration date of 120 days or more.

[Regarding pharmaceutical sales]
1. We cannot accept gift orders for pharmaceuticals.
2. Orders for the same pharmaceutical products are subject to quantity restrictions. If the quantity you ordered exceeds the limit specified by our company, the pharmacist or registered seller will contact you to confirm the usage status. Please note.
3. Please check the efficacy, effect, ingredient content, etc.
4.Be sure to check the usage and dosage before use.
5. Regarding the use of medicines, please be sure to read the “Precautions for Use” written on the product box or attached to the box.
6. If you have allergies or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before purchasing.
7. Our pharmacist will receive inquiries regarding the use of pharmaceuticals.

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