JAPAN Hair Massage Hair Care Comb 1pc


  • THE brush for all your scalp care needs! Featuring double-layered ball-tipped bristles, this stimulating brush thoroughly exfoliates all 40,000 hair follicles, massages the scalp, and removes dirt and product build-up otherwise impossible to reach. Helps regulate the scalp environment and leads to beautiful hair with elasticity, body, and shine.
  • Massage the scalp
  • Stimulate hair folicles
  • Prevent hair loss

About this item

  • With this one piece, you can achieve perfect sculpting care. You will be pleased with the use of this product
  • The 524 tip pins remove pores and massages with brushing during shampoo
  • Reduces scalp odor, dander, itchiness, and increases hair tensile and volume
  • When brushing during treatment, the cuticle is adjusted and distributes the active ingredients evenly. Versatile Scalp Care Brush that doubles as a finishing brush
  • The patented scalp seal design and carefully flocked hair cleanses and massages the scalp.

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